What’s Your Ride?

May 8, 2019

Hey there, Ambitious Annie!

Stuck in the slog of 9 to 5 that has you spinning in circles?

Doing the same thing, week after week, month after month, year after year?

No matter how hard you work, it doesn’t seem like you’re getting anywhere…

Welcome to the corporate carousel!

Carousel ride

‘Round And ’Round We Go…

The ride is dizzyingly familiar.

Wasn’t I just in this meeting, debating the same topic, but never advancing the agenda?

Didn’t I get this same feedback on my last review?

Isn’t it time to move this story along? This ride is making me nauseous!

There’s nothing merry about this merry-go-round.

‘Round and ’round we go. Where it stops, everyone knows. Back to the grind.

You may think it’s time to get off. Go somewhere more exciting. Take on new challenges!

Perhaps you want to work for yourself, launch your own business, make your passion project your profession.

Good for you!

Get off that carousel. And buckle up.

Because, honey, you just earned a ticket to ride.

On the rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster ride

Buckle Up!

It’s full of dips and twists when you least expect them. You’ll soar on exhilarating highs, feeling on top of the world. Moments later you’ll plummet into depths that leave you hanging on, hoping you can survive.

How’s this for amusement?

One dismal month I earned a grand total of sixty dollars (this ride sucks!)

The following I signed a half-dozen new clients in a single day (I’m on top of the world!)

In March I got a gig for more money than I made the three months prior (flying high!)

But the client still hasn’t signed the contract (stomach-lurching low…)

Maybe that predictable carousel wasn’t so bad.

At least you know what’s coming. ‘Round and ’round we go, on painted horses racing to… nowhere…

Carousel horses

Who’S In The Lead?

Maybe the coaster is better after all… at least it’s a lot more exciting!

If you’re on the carousel, enjoy the familiarity.

If you’re on that terrifying rollercoaster, get used to the fear.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, how about you just enjoy the ride?

Maybe that’s the point, wherever we are.

Make whatever adventure you choose worth the price of admission.

Valerie gordon web4 what's your ride? Valerie Gordon is an award-winning producer, lifelong storyteller, and the founder of career and communications strategy firm Commander-in-She. She helps clients and audiences take command of the power in their stories to grow their careers, build strong teams, and ascend the leadership ladder. Services include conference keynotes, inventive workshops, corporate training, and individual coaching. 

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