Want to Reach Your Goals? Identify the Optimal Outcome

December 19, 2019

Goal-driven storytelling starts with… the goal.


The key to actively authoring your future story is to identify the outcome (success! happiness!) and then carefully craft the plot points to achieve that outcome.

But how can we know where we’re headed when we’re not yet there?

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What’S The O.o.?

Start with the O.O.

Ooh, I like that, you say. Wait, what is it?

Your O.O. is your Optimal Outcome.

Your Optimal Outcome is the best case scenario if all things worked out exactly as we’d like them to. (Resist the urge here to point out all the reasons why this might not work and stay optimistic in the approach….)

Addressing a conflict at work, asking for feedback, enrolling in a course, putting yourself “out there”?

Ideally, what happens next? Where will you land?

Oh, I get it! But that’s hard to do, you say. What if I fail?

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You Have To “See” Where You’Re Headed

What’s the O.O.?

Why go there?

So often we’re inclined to think about our Plan B, that backup plan, if we fail.

But what if we achieved ultimate success, even beyond our expectations?

How much time have you spent planning for that?

Want to optimize the opportunity?

Ditch the Plan B…  What’s Your A+ plan?

Start with the goal of the (future) story… the Optimal Outcome.

Identify it. State it. Believe in it. Take the steps to achieve it.

If you want to create optimal results, be optimistic in your approach to achieving the Optimal Outcome.

Oh, yes, you can get there!

(This blog brought to you by the letter O).

Home img 03 want to reach your goals? Identify the optimal outcome Valerie Gordon is a career and communications trainer and the founder of  The Storytelling Strategist and the Commander-in-She blog. She uses her two decades of storytelling experience in the media to help high-achievers with the story strategies necessary to ascend the leadership ladder and build successful and satisfying careers. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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