Your Resolution WHY and HOW

December 31, 2023

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Resolutions don’t work.

We know that. And yet, in advance of each New Year, we find ourselves making them anyway.

We promise to get up early and go to the gym, eat more vegetables and whole grains, meditate daily, ask for that raise, get bold, act kindly, give generously, and go on adventures…

Or, just floss our teeth nightly.

We start with a flourish. And then, research suggests that 43% of us will abandon those resolutions before the end of January.

Even the simple act of flossing our teeth!

Perhaps that’s because resolutions focus on what we want to achieve. You’re better off setting goals, which outline the effort needed to accomplish those achievements.

Got Goals?

It’s not simply semantics. It’s creating an action plan to move you forward.

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Be resolute in the plan – purposeful, determined, unwavering – to skip the skippable resolutions and get after your goals.

In my What’s Your Story? workshops, I focus on the six questions that help clients envision and create their next chapter.

WHO do you want to be?

WHAT do you want to do?

WHEN will you start?

WHERE does this take place?

WHY is this important to you?

That last one requires the most thought.

KNOWING YOUR WHY is the key to understanding the meaning of all of those other questions of who you want to be, what you want to do, and when/where it will take place.

Once you’ve got your 5 W’s figured out, we can add the sixth question, the H.

HOW will you accomplish this?

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Your “WHAT” doesn’t work without your “HOW.” A goal without a plan might as well be mere resolution.

The HOW gives concrete steps to follow and serves as a guide when things get hard. Or when we start to say those three goal-killing words that take us off course.

That’s why, knowing our WHY, we bring back our HOW.  How are you going to do it?

By creating the plot points necessary to get us closer to our goal.

Whatever you’ve decided you want to include in your next chapter – those goals that are important to you (WHY, again?) – the HOW maps the course of action to get there.

A new job doesn’t come along without a successful interview and negotiation which you can’t have without an excellent resume and LinkedIn profile which you can’t create if you don’t know your unique value proposition and how it fits in with the company’s needs.

Does it seem like a lot? That’s why we break it down step by step with weekly assignments and goals that will give you the forward momentum known as PROGRESS.

And progress gets the goals.

I’m here to tell you it’s possible to both envision the goals for the life you’d like to lead and go after them and get them.

⭐️   Who do you want to be? You. Intrinsically, authentically you!

⭐️   What do you want to do? That which sets your heart on fire!

⭐️   When do you want to do this? Now. Why wait another year?

⭐️   Where do you want to do this? On a beautiful beach or vibrant city (OK, that was mine, yours may present differently)

⭐️   Why is this important to you? Because life is too short to waste chasing other people’s goals or trudging through your day just hoping the next will be better

⭐️   How are you going to do this? By Taking Command of my story and authoring the plot points to get me to a better next chapter.

The goals are yours. The guidance is mine and available to you. Start with a single strategy session to get after those goals.

I’m rooting for you. Why? Because my Next Chapter is about helping others find their Next Chapters.

And because I believe there’s potential for all of us to reach our goals. And on that I’m resolute.

It’s Your Story… What Happens Next?

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Valerie Gordon is a former Emmy-winning television producer who shares the power of storytelling with audiences and executive leaders. Check out her keynote presentations, group workshops, and coaching services at The Storytelling Strategist.



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