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Wouldn’t it be great to believe the best is yet to come?

To move past old or unhelpful storylines and create a future that feels more like… YOU?

Isn’t it time to put yourself FIRST?

It’s Your Story… What Happens Next?

Join us for our “What’s Your Story?” REINVENTION CONVENTION

Three years ago I walked away from a career that others envied but which left me emotionally drained and unfulfilled.

What do you do when everything you thought you ever wanted is… no longer what you want?

You take the successes of your PAST, combined with the challenges and opportunities in the PRESENT to create a FUTURE that has more of what you want (and less of what you don’t!)

Since my own reinvention, I’ve trained, coached, and led presentations for thousands of people in the power of owning your own story.

My next chapter is about helping others with their next chapters.

We’ve turned our signature 4-week “What’s Your Story?” master class into a single life-changing 90-minute workshop: “Reinvention Convention!”

In this 90-minute LIVE workshop discover:

  • WHO you’re meant to be
  • WHAT you want to do most
  • HOW to move past old or limiting beliefs to create a NEW story.

Get the clarity and confidence to get out of your head, out of your own way, and into your life!

I rewrote my story. You can rewrite yours.

You are the central character of your story.

What happens next?

Life created what's your story? A reinvention convention

Our Reinvention Convention 90-minute program and all downloadable materials typically costs $97.

Join us on October 1st at 7:00 pm ET (4:00 pm PT) for this special fall session offered at just $47!

That’s $50 OFF the price of the workshop.

What have you got to lose except for all those old stories that no longer serve you?

Start your future in the present.

Your Reinvention awaits!

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