Start with a blank page

Start with a Blank Page

It can be overwhelming when you’re not sure what you want. You’re staring at a blank page. But that’s the point. You get to fill it as you wish. 

When to listen to (and trust! ) your gut

When to Listen to (and Trust!) Your Gut

We all have an inner voice that comes from years of experience and a sense of intuition and that guides us. But all too often it’s drowned out by doubt and questioning and noise. Here’s how to quiet your mind so that it can listen to your heart and follow your gut.

Your friend jen is tired…

Your Friend Jen is Tired…

It can be hard to look at someone who others think looks like you and think… do I look like that? Hmm, I thought I was… prettier.

A sprinkle of confidence

A Sprinkle of Confidence

What if I could take confidence from those who have WAY too much of it (I’m looking at you, Bravado Bill) and give it to Tentative Tammy over here.

Imagine what we could do if we could spread confidence around like glitter and sprinkle it on those who need it most!

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