A Sprinkle of Confidence

August 17, 2021

Glitter fairy a sprinkle of confidence

If you could choose a superpower, which would you pick?

The power to fly? A cloak of invisibility? The ability to be in two places at a single time so that when the kids are sick or daycare is closed you can be both at home with them and at work?

I know what I’d wish for.

I’d like to be able to bottle confidence as confetti. And then spend my days sprinkling it on those who deserve and need it the most.

I’d be the Confidence Confetti Fairy.

Confidence fairy a sprinkle of confidence

Heading to a big interview? A little sprinkle for you.

Feeling anxious to ask for that well-deserved promotion? How about a glint of glitter.

Questioning your self-worth after a dressing down from your tyrant of a boss? Let’s dress you up with a little sparkle!

I’d spread confidence like joy. Even more importantly, my endless supply of glitter would equalize the playing field.

What if I could take confidence from those who have just WAY too much of it (I’m looking at you, Bravado Bill) and give it to Tentative Tammy over here. Her work is just as good if not better and she just doesn’t stick her chest out as far as you, Bill, because you all stare at it way too much already. It’s just another sad example of Everyday Sexism at Work.

Do you need a visit from the Confidence Fairy? Sprinkle some of it yourself.

Pexels cottonbro 3401907 a sprinkle of confidence

How do you build confidence when it’s the last thing you’re feeling?

* Make a list of all your positive attributes and what you like most about yourself.

* Stop feeding yourself garbage. You can’t create and live a great external story if you’ve got a faulty or unhelpful inner story!

* Recap your last success (and take credit for your role in it).

* Reread an email or positive reply or review you received. Better yet, print it out and stick it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.

* Call a trusted friend and ask her to remind you of your most positive qualities. And then believe her.

* Puff up your chest and stick it out just a little. That’s OK, no one’s looking. And even if they are, own what you’ve got.

You’re you. You’re real. And you’re fantastic.

There you go, a little glitter for your day from the Confidence Fairy

Home img 03 a sprinkle of confidence Valerie Gordon is a former television producer, a lifelong storyteller, and the founder and owner of career and communication strategy firm, The Storytelling Strategist and the Commander-in-She blog. She works with corporations and speaks at conferences to share the power of strategic storytelling for impact and influence. Follow her on LinkedIn.



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